Our all-volunteer board, members, supporters, and donors work to improve travel by foot, bicycle, and mobility assist devices on Salt Spring Island. We spearhead the following:

Partners Creating Pathways
Bicycle Working Group
Helmets for Life
Heritage Map with Bike Routes
Bicycle Racks on Salt Spring Island
Special Events and Community Activities

Check out our brochure for a quick summary of our work. To keep it going, please scroll to the bottom of this page to:

  • become a member (and tell us your volunteer interests);
  • buy a map for yourself and as gifts;
  • donate (tax receipts for $20+).

You can also help by putting your Country Grocer receipts into their Island Pathways’ Save-A-Tape Box (#36) and by getting your Thrifty Foods Smile Card dedicated to Island Pathways.

PLEASE NOTE: All communication with members and other supporters will be by e-mail, unless snail-mail is requested.

Bike to Vote-GaryHolman2
Hearty thanks to all who help in big and small ways.  Every contribution is important and makes a difference.
This is our MLA Gary Holman, biking to vote. His transportation initiatives as SSI’s CRD Director and support for Island Pathways have been invaluable.

Latest News and Blog

Driver & Cyclists: Pledge to “Cruise with Courtesy”

Are you concerned about how we share the road? Do you drive and cycle with an eye to keeping everyone safe? If this is your intent and practice, then please add your name to the ”Cruise with Courtesy” campaign. You can sign up here: http://www.crd.bc.ca/surveys/Survey.aspx?s=70f6ae565d5d440f8878e2ef9e17b183.

Congrat’s to Bike-to-Work riders & teams!

Check out how Salt Spring and the other Gulf Islands did this year: http://www.biketowork.ca/salt-spring-other-gulf-islands. We’re down from last year, but some of the uber-cyclist commuters are working from home, saving a lot of GHGs by eliminating the commute. Thanks to John Rowlandson

Bike to Work Week – join the fun, last week of May!

Saturday, May 24th, 10:30 to noon: Come to the pre-Bike to Work Week  ”Celebration Station” in front of Country Grocer, to kick off the next week of cycling/walking/using mobility aids to get to work and all other destinations, and – ta