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Partners Creating Pathways

Since 2007, Island Pathways has been spearheading the construction of off-road pedestrian and bicycle pathways parallelling busy roads in the Ganges area. By 2015-16, everyone living within walking distance of town can leave their car at home and walk or wheel to safely reach their downtown destinations. Island Pathways has partnered with the agencies listed below to build, by 2013, $500,000 worth of pathway infrastructure, with just 12.5% of costs from taxpayer funds. These are MOTI-CRD owned and maintained community assets. Help us continue to make Salt Spring safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorized wheelchair users by donating to the “Step up” campaign.

Throughout the years we’ve had many generous friends, donors, and partners contribute, and we thank each and every one of you!

Ganges Village Pathways Network

Click on the map for a larger-resolution, printable version.

Salt Spring Pathways Project – video by Peter Prince

Partners Creating Pathways – video Matt Williamson, Island Pathways 2012 summer intern

Every bit of financial support helps and is most appreciated:

  1. Web: PayPal (click here or the image above to go to our PayPal page)
  2. E-mail: gellam ‘at’
  3. Call: 250-537-four eight five nine
  4. Mail: Box 684, Ganges PO, Salt Spring Island, BC  V8K 2W3