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For decades, Salt Spring and the other Gulf Islands have been seen as great places to cycle. They are. To stay safe and have fun, it’s best to know beforehand how to share our roads.

What to expect:

    • lots of beautiful country roads
    • lots of friendly people
    • paved main routes, in varying states of repair
    • narrow or non-existent shoulders
    • no off-road routes
    • lots of hills and blind corners
    • some fast, impatient drivers

How to Prepare:

  1. Read Salt Spring’s “Share the Road” brochure, for a quick overview of the basics.
  2. Make sure your bicycle is well-maintained, with the legally required helmet and lights (front and back, if you’re riding between dusk and dawn). No helmet, poor tires, dirty chain, iffy brake parts, sticky gear levers … just don’t risk these on our hills, curves, and aging roadways.
  3. Know and follow the rules of the road. Ride single file at all times in traffic, and don’t wait until vehicles are close by do so. When you stop by the road, stay well to the side.
  4. You have the right to ride and walk on the pavement, as far to the right of the driving lane as practicable. Many drivers don’t know this and also don’t know that they have to stay a metre away from you when passing. Don’t press your rights, however legitimate, to an unsafe degree.
  5. Mind for wildlife, especially for deer, which can bound out very suddenly in front of you. They’re especially active at dusk and dawn.
  6. Consult a map before setting out.Knowing your route and what’s along it – elevation gain, amenities, viewpoints, etc. – will enhance your ride.

Where to get info:

  1. Cycling with BC Ferries: tickets, boarding, on board, unloading.

Insiders’ secret info’: with a BC Ferries Experience card, the $2 fee charged for walk-on bicycles is waived.

  1. Consult our Map: Heritage Map with Bike Routes. Check it out here: low res’ PDF. It’s on ferries coming to Salt Spring, in Fulford by the Rock Salt Restaurant in Fulford and in Ganges by the Visitors’ Centre, at the entrance to the Rainbow Road pool, and at several places on the Ganges Village Pathway Network.

Buy our Map: buy online, or buy in Fulford at Salt Spring Mercantile in Fulford, in Ganges at the Visitor Centre, Salt Spring Books, Black Sheep Books, and in Sidney at Tanner’s Books.

Read our article for cycling tourists: “A Salt Spring Gander”, page 8-9, Cycle Therapymagazine, Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, Fall 2013. Or read it as a PDF: Salt-Spring-Gander-article.

Check out Island Pathways publicationsabout all sorts of cycling initiatives on island.

2. Salt Spring Tourism:

Chamber of Commerce website, for accommodations, things to do, etc.

On Salt Spring, go to the Visitor Centre in downtown Ganges, run by the Chamber.