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Our History


Island Pathways was founded in 1988, became a non-profit society in 1997 and a registered charity in 2008. We have a volunteer board of up to 10 members. With no office and few overhead costs, nearly all funds go into our community projects.

We advocate and educate for safe active transportation options on Salt Spring Island and for better regional connections. We work in partnership with other groups and agencies. We rely on our dedicated volunteers for many tasks, especially the planning and construction of pathways and occasional large events such as Velo Village 2012.

We’ve been active building trails, paving shoulders, fitting children with helmets, offering maps and raising awareness of the health, environmental and economic benefits of non-motorized transportation for the last 25 years and in that time we’ve built over $500,000 worth of pathway infrastructure and fitted over more than 600 island children for safe and effective bicycle helmets.

Our First 25 Years, to 2013, in 40 Lively, Illustrated Pages

Click here, or on the cover image, to read the history of Island Pathways work, from 1988-2013, to improve non-motorized transportation on Salt Spring.

In Brief

OUR BROCHURE: A two-page tri-fold summarizing our purpose and achievements, with a membership signup panel. Click here or on the heading.

The Victoria Foundation has a new Island Pathways webpage in its Community Knowledge Centre directory. Click on the underlined links to get to these pages. Our thanks for their help funding our 2010 pathway.

Over the next quarter century, we plan to continue working with partners, volunteers, and donors to:

  1. Finish the Ganges Village Pathway Network, so everyone can walk and wheel safely to and throughout town.
  2. Offer Helmets for Life and bike rodeos for our school kids and safe-riding help to all interested islanders and visitors.
  3. Make our major roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians, through better maintenance, shoulder improvements, and signage.
  4. Finish the bikeway from Vesuvius to Fulford … and perhaps call it the Salt Spring Gander, since what’s good for the Galloping Goose will certainly be good for the Gander.
  5. Keep our Heritage Map with Bike Routes up to date and produce a Walking & Hiking Map for the island.
  6. Take part in and hold special events, as they present themselves and we conjure them
  7. Stay thankful we live in and share this paradise.

Major Achievements

2013 completed $500,000+ of Ganges pathway infrastructure (CRD-MOTI owned)
2012 initiated annual SSI Bike-to-Work Week
2012 Velo Village celebration of rural cycling - 4-page weekend summary
2001 to date, helped put 36 bike racks on island
2001 published Heritage Map with Bike Routes first of three editions to date; posters of it are on SSI ferries and island locations
2000 to date, Helmets for Life: 600+ elementary students fitted with quality bicycle helmets; held numerous bike rodeos, working with RCMP
2000 built Portlock Park bikeway, the project that sparked Island Pathways start in 1988
1999 published Cycle Route Inventory


Island Pathways brochure - a great two-page summary of our purpose, activities, and successes, with a membership application
Heritage Map with Bike Routes - our award-winning map, the best in-a-nutshell guide to the island
See our Publications page for links to our newsletters, annual reports, bikeway advocacy materials, and Velo Village literature.


2011 Non-Profit of the Year, Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce
2000 Heritage Map, Heritage Trust of B.C. highest achievement award

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