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Bike to Work Week
Saturday, May 24th, 10:30 to noon: Come to the pre-Bike to Work Week  ”Celebration Station” in front of Country Grocer, to kick off the next week of cycling/walking/using mobility aids to get to work and all other destinations, and – ta da! – to mark the official opening of Salt Spring’s first kilometre of bikeway on island.
THERE WILL BE CAKE AND OTHER TREATS, coupons, discounts, and more for those signed up for Bike to Work Week.

For the third year, Island Pathways is spearheading the CRD-funded Bike to Work Week for Salt Spring and the other Gulf Islands.
Contact Jan Slakov, 537-5251, janslakov@shaw.ca.

Last year, participants beat the previous year’s showing by a long shot. Let’s outdo ourselves again this year!

Bike to Work Week